Trio-Bikes Programme

trio bike

  • A total of 3 TrioBikes have been purchased; 2 from Copenhagen, Denmark, and 1 from the Netherlands.
  • The idea of the TrioBike is to provide accessibility to older adults in nursing homes/hospitals settings, wheelchair users and disability groups with limited mobility to be taken out for a cycle in the natural environment of their local rural town or village. 
  • The participants will be taken out by trained volunteers who cycle the bike and take two adults out for a cycle. 
  • Cycling Without Age have agreed to deliver training and education workshops for volunteers to deliver this service. 
  • We plan to anchor the TrioBikes in the local community nursing homes or hospitals. These bikes will be available for all community and volunteer groups to use around the county. 
  • If you would like to get involved in this project or find out more information contact Leitrim Sports Partnership on 071 9650498 or email