Jamestown to Drumsna Fin, Swim, Snorkel 31st August

Jamestown to Drumsna Fin, Swim, Snorkel 31st August

The 13th annual Jamestown to Drumsna Fin, Swim, Snorkel takes place on the 31st of August on the beautiful River Shannon during the peak of Summer. It starts at the Weir in the picturesque village of Jamestown in County Leitrim and then proceeds over a meandering course down river directly to the beautiful village of Drumsna. There are two wide points during the river swim where you will have County Leitrim on your left hand and County Roscommon on your right hand. The river narrows approximately 700 metres into your swim and there the current quickens to assist you. The river widens again at 1.8 Kilometres but quickly narrows and quickens again at 2.30 Kilometres. At 3 Kilometers you will pass under the stone bridge at Drumsna and then onto the finish line at Drumsna Quay just 0.3 Kilometres later. The event also includes post swim hot and cold drinks. Hot food will also be available for a small charge. This event is a fundraising event and for 2019, all funds raised will be shared between the Jamestown Pre-School and Leitrim Sub-Aqua Search and Rescue club.
Event details and schedule
Registration (for those not already registered) for the event will take place between 12.30 and 2pm at Drumsna Quay and from 2pm to 2.25pm at Jamestown Weir.

The event will start from Jamestown Weir at 2.30pm sharp.

The swim is open to all levels of swimmers, there is a nice flow on the river from Jamestown to Drumsna so this is not a hard swim. It is summer time, however, as its Ireland, a light tri-suit or wet-suit is encouraged as part your kit.

As safety is of primary importance, the river will be actively patrolled by multiple safety boats. If at any point, assistance is needed, raise your hand and wave to any safety boat and they will quickly provide assistance. Civil Defence ambulance service will also be on hand during the day.

Parking is widely available at both locations.

This is a family friendly event, which provides everyone with a safe and secure opportunity to experience open water swimming (or drifting) and to see parts of the country from a more relaxed vantage point. With this in mind, please obey the instructions of all stewards and also remember to keep Ireland beautiful and dispose of any rubbish in any of the bins provided

This event has kindly been sponsered by Leitrim County Council, Leitrim Sports Partnership and Waterways Ireland