Animal welfare and Horse Riding Programme

After two very successful years the Leitrim Pony-Riding and Animal Welfare project will be returning this year at the Mooreland’s Equestrian Centre in Drusmahnbo.  

Last year over forty children participated in the programme which includes pony-riding lessons, equine husbandry, animal welfare, donkey handling, responsible dog ownership and a field trip to a Pony Camp, the RACE Academy in Kildare and the Irish National Stud.
The programme allowed the participants to participate in positive equine-related activities to which they would normally have not have access. The children were encouraged to develop horse-riding and animal welfare skills and knowledge in a safe, secure animal-centric learning environment.

The programme also allowed boys and girls from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to socialise, integrate and develop equine skills through participation in positive, engaging and fun activities. The Leitrim Pony-Riding and Animal Welfare project wss targeted towards children aged 12-17 from traveller, disadvantaged and non-national backgrounds in Leitrim.